Lordship and Security

Start Episode02


Players arrive back in Silverymoon.
They notice the cold front but know(high nature check) that it isn’t severe weather.

They meet with RW who is dissappointed they lost the gem to Redski, but doesn’t fault them. He directs them to Elros.

Party goes to see Elros, but his office is closed. Meet a student out front who mentions him leaving with Apprentice Danica about some robes. They fail a street wise check, but go talk to RW who tells them where the staff gets their robes.

The characters go to Marie’s clothing store and find it closed. They notice some noise inside, knock on the door and it goes quiet. Expected Zane to sneak in as a small creature, but instead they looked in the windows and noticed some people. Zane called out that she saw them and they started running. Asher broke down the front door and was attacked by a cockatrice. Regdar broke in the back door and was attacked by a couple thugs.

The fight was rough, but Regdar dealt out some serious damage (using all his dailies) and Zane kept a thug from escaping. After defeating the occupants of the shop the party found a note.

Need to roll history checks on Rash.



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