Ashar and Emberil

Genasi twins, Swordmage and Avenger


Ashar and Emberil are twins born in Memnon, a major port city of Calimshan. They are both incredibly loyal to one another. They disapproved of the use of slavery and started looking to join the freedom fighters known as the Janessar. Word got out and they had to flee the city, for the lives were at risk. They fled north and finally reached safety in the Silver Marches. They joined the military there with the hope to abolish slavery wherever they find it. Another point of joining the military is to potentially gain enough power and/or wealth to assist the Janessar in Calimshan.

Ashar and Emberil are identical in many ways like height and build; however, they differ greatly in some other ways. They both were trained in the sword at a young age, particularly large heavy blades. Ashar has always been more inclined to the arcane and so found a nearby school of swordmages to teach him. Emberil always could feel his connection to the divine and found a temple of Tempus, and trained as an Avenger. At the completion of their training, they both received Sunblades.

One contact they have is back in Memnon. It is their sister, who betrayed them. Her name is Valandra. She is a Stormsoul genasi warlord. She is head of their house now with the twins out of the way. Another contact is a good friend and fellow freedom fighter in the Janessar, William. He is a Human sorcerer and was the twins’ recruiter into the Janessar.

One secret they both keep is their family disgrace. Their sister did not pursue them when they fled, and they do not seek vengeance, yet. They do not speak often of their journey North, but it was a harrowing journey which is how they got to level 3. Ashar and Emberil do not keep secrets from one another, because as twins they can tell when the other is hiding something.

They both have memories of Memnon. They loved having excursions into the desert, and relished in the sun’s heat. They would get into trouble because of their tempers during their training times. They would proudly accept whatever punishment their masters gave them. Their greatest challenge came when they had to fight off a small band of wandering raiders on their journey northward. They were both slightly beaten up, but still came out victorious.

Ashar and Emberil

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