Wandering wood Elf Cleric of Pelor


A travelling cleric. Has a walking stick (quarter staff) and heavy armor. Heavy armor doesn’t fit an explorer, so this will probably magic and make it magic imposter’s armor [AV] so it can polymorph into clothes (level 6 magic item). Melee and range attacks are an option but priority is on close burst powers. Main idea is to wander the roads providing aid as needed, but after seeing so many problems I felt the need to do more and saw the military as a way of having a greater impact. At first I was thinking sage, but this may be a more down to earth type of guy who relates to farmer Joe better than nobility.

Mannerisms & Appearance: day dreamer, quiet; dirty (peasant)
Personality: Compassionate; avoids debates
Background Option: Divinely Inspired

Character development:

  • List 3 background elements – 1 how you became your class
    • Why am I in Luruar? – Went to Silverymoon to see the University and what the city is doing for education. But disappointed by the class division.
    • Grew up in the High Forest, but felt a draw that I didn’t understand until meeting <clergy>, and felt a stronger connection. Also felt the church wasn’t doing enough to help the community.
  • List 2 goals
    • Improve life of the common man by educating and assisting temporarily; also teaching churches to serve.
    • See menzoberranzan
  • List 3 contacts – 2 friends (have 1 be party member), 1 enemy
    • Tribe of wood elves in High Forest.
    • Friend in church of Bane – also a secret
  • List 2 secrets
    • Friend in church of Bane
    • glutten/alcoholic
  • List 3 memories


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