Human Barbarian


speaks his mind, but generally quiet.
seeks glory through battle, misses the sea, will defend Zanne
Background Option: Sea Dog – Follower of Kord

> – List 3 background elements – 1 how you became your class
how about a bg paragraph instead

Regdar lived among his tribe until his 13th birthday, when he was cast
out for killing his rival in a fight. His rival was the elder’s son.
He lived among the highwaymen for a few years until recruited by
mercenaries at 16. He was always able to summon thunderous force in a
fight, causing him to become a sergeant among them quickly (mainly by
surviving). At first he thought he could stave off the brutal evil
that was in many of his compatriots, but time wore him down. He began
to work for some wealthy smugglers and fell in love with the sea.
Guarding the smugglers cargo meant less fighting and he softened. He
befriended an old man who trained him away from the evil he had come
to know and he turned over a new leaf in his life.

> – List 2 goals
Regdar – 1: to make ammends for the damage he has done 2: channel his
destructive energy to good ends

> – List 3 contacts – 2 friends (have 1 be party member), 1 enemy
I dont think i can make one be a party member until i know the other
party members :P
2 friends:
Regdar- 1: The old man from his story 2: The captain of the smugglers

> – List 2 secrets
Regdar – 1: Still sometimes wants to rush into a town and begin
plundering. 2: Keeps most of his life secret, refers to “dark/bad

> – List 3 memories
in order of personal importance:
Regdar – 1: Meeting Zanne 2: Killing the elder’s son 3: an intense
sweat-house spirit journey with the old man.


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