Human Druid


calm, measured demeanor
realistic and perceptive
Background Option: Orphan of the Gibbering Massacre

> – List 3 background elements – 1 how you became your class

Zanne is the last of an old family of insane geniuses who repeatedly tried and failed to gain power from the Far Realms in various ways. As a result she has a strange connection to the realm that she doesn’t understand. She was rescued by a druid from the rubble of the family castle. It was destroyed by her father’s crazed experiments. She knows little of her family, but picked up the basics from locals while being raised by the druids. She has actively avoided the topic of her family in her research of the Far Realm. She has never visited the remains of her ancestral home, but knows where they are. She is mainly concerned with sealing off the Far Realm and destroying any creatures that have come through, but doesn’t let it get in the way of a nurturing
attitude toward the people around her.

> – List 2 goals
1: To make ammends for the damage her family has done
2: Adopt children of her own

> – List 3 contacts – 2 friends (have 1 be party member), 1 enemy
I dont think i can make one be a party member until i know the other
party members :P
2 friends:
Zanne – 1: her adoptive family 2: Librarian

> – List 2 secrets
Zanne – 1: She is afraid that if she looks into her family history she will become mad as well. 2: Has an as-yet undeciphered magical tattoo on her back.

> – List 3 memories
in order of personal importance:
1: her adoptive mother sitting by the fire during winter.
2: the first time she destroyed an aberration
3: Meeting Regdar


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