Lordship and Security

2011/06/17 Recap

Recap: 06/01/1479DR

  • The party was in Everlund, when the merchant Cooper Silverhand informed Commander Damien that the town of Oak Mill was under attack during the night.
  • Command Damien hired the party to go help, and provided horses to get there quicker.
  • Reinforcements/relief should be on the way.
  • The players failed the skill check and it took them longer than 6hrs.
  • The players were also attacked by a group of beetles eating carrion, and avoided an ambush from some panthers.
  • Describe climate and time of year.
  • Quests: Rescue Oak Mill
2011/06/10 Review

Talked to Alan about character backgrounds, modified his to be honorably discharged from military, due to temper/pride, but remains a contact.

Worked through Episode00. Arrived at Oak Mill and ended for the night.

Introduced Commander Damien as the quest giver for helping Oak Mill.
Introduced Party to each other. Made some ties and a few conflicts. Perhaps review them.

Party relationships:
Meeting: Ash/Ember met Regdar/Zanne when Ash/Ember where traveling north from Calimshan through the wilderness. Ash/Ember met Lucan in the Luraur region, probably in the cities/towns.
Ties: religion
Conflicts: Lucan conflicts with Ash/Ember’s personalities.

To Do:

  • Give the players the name of the town. Oak Mill
  • Make encounters harder… but the two encounters were written to be easy.
  • More movement in encounters.
  • Review ties/conflicts
  • Introduce Redki
  • communicate time of day – players failed skill challenge, so they got lost/turned around/delayed and it is later now.
  • add flavor text/detail to battle
  • allow tactics to be used to prepare for a battle
  • Work on roleplaying more; opportunity with the NPCs of Oak Mill
2011/05/30 Review
Start discussion

Talked about where, Luruar.
Talked about who, party.


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