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    [[Luruar]] [[Netheril]] [[Underdark]] [[Many Arrows]] - Orc city

  • Luruar

    Starting location Main Cities: * [[Everlund]] - major trading town * [[Silverymoon]] - High Lord, university, library, temples * [[Sundabar]] - stronger military due to Netheril threat Government: High Lord Methrammar Aerasume in Silverymoon; …

  • Everlund

    Walled City; Population 23,000 Located on the banks of the Rauvin River, Everlund is an active mercantile community. A thick stone wall is pierced in five places by the city’s gates. Like the spokes of a wheel, straight streets lead from each gate to …

  • Silverymoon

    Elven City of Renown; Population 40,000 p. Silverymoon is the Gem of the North, a center of learning and a symbol of greatness. It is a beautiful place of ancient trees and soaring towers, with curving lines and garden plantings adorning every nook and …

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