Leader’s level + total of Leader’s Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma ability bonuses + 2 per 1% of troops that is Paragon Tier or above

[Average Warlord level x 3] + [Average Troop level x 2] + 1 per Victory -1 per Rout

[1/week training] + [1/week training with Leader] + [1/month on duty]

0 if poor, 5 if average, 10 if good, 15 if excellent
+5 is armed with a second weapon of same quality
+5 if average AC is 18 or greater

2/per 1% of force that is Elite

Add those together to get the Basic Force Rating and overall Troop Class. This is a purely subjective assessment of the troops’ overall ability and is designed to help quickly gauge the relative differences between two armies.

Basic Force Rating Troop Class
10-20 Untrained
21-35 Poor
36-55 Below Average
56-70 Fair
71-80 Average
81-100 Good
101-125 Excellent
126+ Elite
Battle Rating
The Battle Force Rating is adjusted by +10% for each of the following statements that are true. This gives the final Battle Rating:

At least 20% mounted troops
At least 50% mounted troops
At least 20% possess a ranged At-Will attack
At least 20% possess a Range 20 or better At-Will attack
At least 1% possess non-Martial Powers
At least 20% possess non-Martial Powers
100% possess non-Martial Powers
At least 1% can fly
At last 20% can fly
Force has a movement rate of Speed 10 or more

To battle!
A battle is fought with just two rolls of a dice. Both sides roll d100 simultaneously and add their force’s Battle Rating & situational modifiers. These are listed in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia page 119. Rather than repeat them as-is, here’s a simplified version:

15 if you outnumber opponent by 2:1 (30 if you outnumber opponent by 3:1, etc.)
+10 in your home dominion
+10 if you have previously defeated this foe
+10 if Troop Class is two higher that opponent
+25 in favourable environment
-25 in very unfavourable environment
+20 night battle and your force has low-light vision or better
+20 you have the high ground
-10 on shifting ground (snow, sand, marsh, mud – unless trained in this terrain)
-10 moderately fatigued
-30 seriously fatigued
For defender only:

+10 if holding
+50 defending a narrow pass
+40 if attacker must cross deep water
+20 behind a wall or other suitable cover
+50 in a stronghold


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