Starting location

Main Cities:

  • Everlund – major trading town
  • Silverymoon – High Lord, university, library, temples
  • Sundabar – stronger military due to Netheril threat

High Lord Methrammar Aerasume in Silverymoon; getting old and need a new High Lord
Council of the Marches
Military force is called Argent Legion

Dwarven cities: Adbar, Mithral Hall, Felbarr. Dwarves are fighting off their own problems and parted ways.


  • Glimmerwood: Northern forest
    • the People of the Black Blood: a clan of lycanthropic skinchangers.
    • Orcs
    • Uthgardt barbarians
  • Nether Mountains: Eastern mountains
    • Mound King – plaguechanged wight
    • Netheril also uses the mountains as an entry point
  • The Evermoors: Moorland to the west
    • trolls and giants
    • something worse in the middle


  • Silverymoon to Sundabar, 165 miles
  • Silverymoon to Everlund, 50 miles
  • Everlund to Sundabar, ~200 miles, maybe 165 miles
  • Silvermoon to Yartar, 320 miles, via the Evermoor Way.

Population 1,090,800 (as of 1372 DR)
Import(s) Armor, books, manufactured goods, pottery, spices, wine
Export(s) Elven craftwork, furs, heroes, precious metals; formerly dwarven craftwork
Political information
Government type Confederation
Ruler High Lord Methrammar Aerasumé
Founder: Alustriel Silverhand



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