As commanders the players need some sort of headquarters.

Soldier Options: Train, Search for relics, Actively recruit, peasant tasks at 50% effect, patrol
Peasant Options: Resource gathering, building, convert to soldier?

Building Options:

  • Keep interior: personal suit, library (training), barracks (happiness, training), war room (leadership)
  • Courtyard: Smithy, merchant shops, church
  • Fortifications: walls, reinforce walls, towers, arrow slits, gate
  • Surrounding Areas: widen the roads, cobbling the trails, extensive work, bridges, watch towers
  • Tower: special forces – arcane OR marshal

Recruits: laborers, craftsmen [foremen], soldiers [trainer], admin (treasurer, advisor)
PoWs: Perhaps some enemies could be captured and put to work at the keep


Lordship and Security risantanis