Lordship and Security

Ep03 Part2

Got some free beer at the tavern and stayed the night. The stronger commoners cleaned up the bodies.

The party headed up to the ruins and found an abandoned camp sight. They were able to determine it has been left for about 3 days, which is when they rescued the professor. Looking around the area Ember noticed a secret door. Using nature he hid it better, while making a note on its location. The party also found a trail leading further towards the mountain. They followed this and eventually found a Netheril fort. Decided to wait till night and have Zane sneak in. While waiting and observing the were discovered by a scouting party which they quickly dealt with, but Asher took some serious damage and was knocked unconscious.

Now that a scout party is missing what will be the fort’s reaction, and what will the players do now?



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